Contemporary and Eclectic Wall Decor

Contemporary and Eclectic Wall Decor

Contemporary decorating is synonymous to modern and can be defined by neutral colors, clean and smooth lines and casual look with emphasis on comfort while eclectic style of decorating is basically a game of mixing & matching. Variety of periods and styles are intertwined beautifully and various elements are put together in a manner that create a balanced look. I personally love an eclectic style of decorating as it brings together old and modern interestingly so I decided to add my wall’s image in this part of the “Wall Stories” series. Here is an image of the wall in my work-space with perfect mix of traditional and modern touch. Wall shelf, tealights, painting and typography by a talent artist are the elements that make this space look contemporary while Indian art and craft, dashavtar miniature figurines, Moroccan lanterns are lending a traditional touch. This shelf also houses gifts from dear friends and family members that makes this wall even more special and close to my heart. I love working here. Looking at this wall just doubles the joy of working from home.

By Disha Mishra Dubey

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